Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 1: To pup or not to pup

Hello! My name's Dr Hiding Puppy, international jet-setter, published author, and puppy of much mystery. This is my blog. At least, I think it is as this is my very, very firstest time I've ever attempted such a thing and, who knows? my laptop my crash, or my brain might explode with confusion before I successfully post this. But, assuming all is well... In the coming days, weeks, months, years, even, you'll be welcome to pop in and out as you please, reading all my gems of doglet wisdom of all manner of subjects: nineteenth-century literature (a speciality of mine I might add), digital photography, the coolest music in the world, and my speculations about all the things I watch on tv, or at the cinema, or listen to on the radio...

Can I say that, contrary to popular opinion in the environs in which I live, I am not, repeat not - the anonymous Belle de Jour blogger. I don't even know what a courtesan is. I'm just a pup after all...


Blogger susoolu said...

welcome puplet

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