Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the spirit of a baby panda

I know that on the BBC's excellent Planet Earth series, there's going to be a baby panda. It's there on the trailer - that means it has to be in at least one episode. Unless, of course, the BBC is pulling a Jurassic Park, when the footage from the trailer wasn't in the movie... (and I was so looking forward to the amber mine scene)

Anyway, in anticipation of the anticipated event itself, I decided that I needed to discover what it was like to be a tiny panda. This is not a huge leap of imagination: I think baby pandas are about my size and I know enough black and white bambo-eating creatures (mentioning no names, Susie-cat) to take a stab at what most likely behaviour would be.

So here's a picture of me, pretending to be a baby panda.


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