Thursday, May 10, 2007

Three photos, all alike in dignity...

Three duck photos, all of them personal favourites from the cute-fest that was the past week. One of them was taken with an Olympus C-5050, a four year-old digicam that's worth no more than £100 these days. The other two were both taken with my aged Olympus E-1, but one was taken with a slightly battered lens from the 1970s that cost £65; and the other used not one but two modern lenses at the same time that, combined, have a high street value of £1000 (provided you're foolish enough to shop on the high street - what's the matter with thee? hast though not heard'st of the inter-net?).

But which is which is which? and does it really matter?

This week, I'm beginning to think that perhaps every camera has its unique points, has its place in the world. Except, maybe, this one. No excuse for this at all in a modern and cultured civilization.


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