Sunday, August 21, 2005

What I'm doing today vs San Diego giraffes

Well, it's a lovely Sunday outside and, here at Chez Pup we're still in our pyjamas (that's jimjams, to all you trans-Atlantic readers)... I've spent the morning preparing camera ready copy for my book, which is due out sometime next year. More news on that riveting read later but, this morning, I'd like to say how random Microsoft Word can be when it comes to formatting. I'm an advanced Word user and I can promise you that I've never once willing turned something from 'Normal' into 'Body text, black, + 14pt'. So....why are random paragraphs the latter rather than the former? One day, I'll get the courage to move over to Nisus, or OpenOffice but, until then, I shall live, to use the words of one little-known nineteenth-century Cuban poet, as an 'Adorer of that Power'...

Today, I would much rather be... Admiring the beauty of the giraffes at San Diego Zoo rather than checking the pagination on each paragraph in a 213 page document.


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