Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

This week was one that brought with it bad tydings from across the sea. Firstly, I heard, much to my despair, that my favourite tv show Alias was being axed. Oh no! "Yes, it's the end of the world," you might cry, "Look, The West Wing is being axed too..."

But, then, post-Sorkin West Wing was kind of wrong, really. And President Bartlet wasn't in it so much; and they faffed around with Donnatella, even though she's the very epitome of woman.

Thankfully, every cloud (of bad tv networking judgement) seems to have a silver lining and this week was also the week that I found the DVD box-set of Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica going for a song on the internet. This fascinating remake of the eighties show that was, I hear from people a little older than my good puppyish self, rather good, takes the conspiratorial, labyrinthine story arcs of Alias, mixes them with a dash of hardened West Wing-ish politics (West Wing - Wing Commander - don't know why anyone didn't think of it earlier), and then throws in a scoop of dogfighting a la Top Gun, after it's been suitably heterosexualised for a prime-time audience.

Everyone eats noodles with chopsticks, and the steadycam in space has an extraordinary zoom - so, visually, it's a fine ersatz for Joss Whedon's Firefly too...

This time round, the Cylons, those old Dualit toasters of yore, look human, like deadly, predatory, highly sexual, scantily dressed Christian fundamentalists in fact... They have a Plan, read the intros.

Being the underdogs, evolved from robotic slaves an'all, I'm getting drawn in to siding with them, even though, in season 1, they wipe out the entire human race in an afternoon and then spend eleven episodes hunting the remainding 47,000 down... Yes, you see, but they never hurt any puppies...

Anyway, I have a theory that the humans will get to Earth, humanity will reassert its silly greed, anger, etc. - and then, finally, there'll need to be a person with a really cool car who can chase down criminals beyond the law. Enter: the calmer side of Cylon technology. Not convinced? See below and shudder...


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