Thursday, February 02, 2006

Emma Rugg's Guinea Pig

Shooting guinea pigs (with a camera, not a shotgun) is, presumably, one of the activities that Olympus is currently touting its new E-330 model as the perfect solution to, given that it has a live preview function and a flexiarm LCD display. Such technologies would, of course, allow you to avoid the bizarre bodily contortions that are required otherwise. But, then, isn't that half the fun? If the best photography is about presenting the world as you see it, what's the use of a picture that depicts the world as you've never seen it? My advice if you're thinking about the new E-330: pick up a weatherproofed E-1 instead for the same money, and prepare to get uncomfortable :-)

And, with that, I'd best be off. Despite the calico-esque colouring of the above guinea pig which ought to strike a chord, Fran still looks like she wants to "play" with (aka "eat") it...


Blogger altitude zero said...

Hi Puplet. Nice post... inspiring actually and I think that we have been thinking about the same things recently. Anyhow, I just posted and linked to you if that is OK. Check it out at

I will give you a call later, we haven't spoken in ages!

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