Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Truth About Catnip

Following the incisive comments made over at Henri's Corner, what can a dog of science do but carry out his own experiments, on his own subjects? Step forward Susie, Sootie and Fran. By the time she ingested her second helping of catnip, Susie was all but completely sedated; Sootie loitered behind her being giddy; and Fran, who's too small to know what all the fuss was about, rolled around saying, 'Man, I think I'm stoned', just a little bit too loudly to be entirely convincing.

For more information on catnip, or if you suspect your own cat of catnip addiction, please refer to the following page at Cat World.


Blogger puppy said...

Even though I'm a puppy, I've always wanted to try some cat nip.

10:27 AM  

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