Saturday, September 24, 2005

...I've created a macro to mock up the lithographs now and so it's just a question of touching a button if I want one... So, I had a go at zipping other things through them, including this second little picture, from a wee three-year old that I bought an Olympus C-160 for a little while back (well, it was either that or Mattel's Barbie Photo Designer camera - which was the same price, had 0.2 megapixels, a fixed focus plastic lens, fixed aperture, and a (non-expandable) memory that could hold 6 pictures...oh, did I mention it was pink with a flower on it? yes, of course there's a place for pink and flowers...but not one's camera, that's all...)

Again the results are fantastic! but then I remembered that this particular three-year old is really quite talented... Back to uncertainty...gimmick or art?


Blogger Kevin Yong said...

Hey Pup,
I really like your black and white images you've posted in the past few days. Can you explain what you mean by lithograph... I've heard the term before but never really known what it meant.

Interesting blog... might pop back to see how it evolves.


1:51 PM  

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