Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Manni, Bernard and Patrick update

Well, the good news is that all three of them seem to be in good health, if a little withdrawn still but the bad news is that all of them have yet to be rehomed, and are surrounded by a good baker's dozen of - I hate to say it - more attractive kittens, inquisitive, child-friendly creatures with blue eyes, pink noses, and piteous miaows. If any of you haven't yet cast your "Pet Idol" vote for Manni, today's your last day to do so - there's a link of the shameless solicitation of votes below. Just click on the highlighted word 'here' and it'll take you straight to the voting page...


Anonymous Jamie said...

Thank you again for your post about the cameras on my site. I went to the link to vote and it says:
Choose your overall favourite pet from any of the pets appearing in the Pet Idol supplement that appeared in the Mail on November 1 2005. Make a note of the voting number (this is the four digit number beneath each pet picture).

Either complete the voting forms that will appear in the Mail every day from November 1-8, or fill in the online voting form here that will appear every day from November 1-8. Only 1 vote per email address.

I dont see a voting form anywhere on the site. I see the entry form, the place where you would fill out to enter your pet. but no place to vote and no place to see the pictures that have been taken.

12:26 PM  

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