Monday, May 08, 2006

Winnie Bear

It's been a while since she moved in, but this is Winnie Bear's first hello. She's a beautiful 16-inch mohair bear made by the sorceress who makes all the other Bears of Eastwood, with the most scratchable nose and the cutest little hat with holes in them for her furry little ears. Because of her penchant for hats with holes in, she's proving to be a great help on Project Paddington, the working title of an ambitious new film project by yours truly... (More on that later...)

It's taken a while to settle in, but Winnie's finally decided that she lives on top of the laser printer and has figured out how to sit on it "just so", so she can watch the paper come out and not tread on it in any way...


Blogger altitude zero said...

Hi Winnie. How is the screenplay going?

9:02 AM  

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