Monday, October 23, 2006

On Velociraptors

So we know the theory - birds are the direct descendents of our favourite Jurassic/Triassic period dinosaurs. We've all watched Jurassic Park, and we've all heard Sam Neill tell us that even 'raptor' means 'bird of prey' (which makes the Raptors in Battlestar Galactica a bit more sensible - here I was thinking they were called raptors because they were obsolete technology (dinosaurs) without computer networking capabilities)...

But there is another possibility. According to Fran, cats - not birds - inherited the earth when dinosaurs stopped ruling it...

Her evidence? I must say, it's sort of compelling.

Let's return to Jurassic Park. Cast your mind back to when Sam Neill says THIS.

The six-inch killing claw looks like this (picture courtesy of the Sam Neill site):

(You can even buy your own raptor claws from HERE...)

Now, here's the kicker... Look, just look at what Sootie Cat shed yesterday...

I must confess, the similarity is uncanny. Unless...cats descended from birds? Heresy!


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