Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tiny Planets II

Okay, so in the episode "On the Right Track", Bong clearly has a laptop-sized PDA:

Which, with its characterful swerve and magnetic latch, is clearly modelled on Apple's G3 iBook:

Now, the good folk at Pepper's Ghost released the first Tiny Planets DVD (don't even get me started on the second... Hayley, I'm sure you're a nice girl-alien but really - NO-ONE EVER TALKS TO YOU! YOU'RE NOT WANTED!) in 2003 and the episode aired a year or so before that... So, assuming it's several years on in a post-iBook era and you wanted a cool, well-specced machine with a big, big screen for Bing to look at pictures of flockers on, what would you go for? That's right, a 17" G4 Powerbook...

And, oh, what has Imogen Heap got?

I'm no conspiracy theorist but I see a pattern emerging...



Nice ibook!! Look the best speakers for your ipod!!

8:53 AM  
Anonymous MacFiend said...

If I had a pound for every time I'd seen a company try and fail to nick Apple's styling, I'd have... about £75!

8:57 AM  
Blogger susoolu said...

Oh, good grief....

4:40 PM  

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