Monday, October 10, 2005

A warmer spell...

The four cats at the shelter were looking understandably unsure and terrified today but the volunteer kitten-handler, who had a reassuring smile and scar tissue instead of hands, said that all cats that go there start off that way. Jonas was sitting on his own (as usual) while the other three were holed up inside the tunnel that runs from indoors to outdoors.

A little later on, another volunteer went to clean their cage at which point they bolted. They were quickly secured again but maybe looked a little more at ease afterwards.

Manni stayed in the tunnel but looked a little more comfortable: doesn't he have big ears?

There were other kittens who'd not been there long and they looked happy enough. Warmer spell to come, I believe.


Anonymous Jamie said...

I know you are probably sick of me saying so already but, awww, how cute lol!

2:40 AM  

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