Friday, May 12, 2006

The other the day, the Guardian - or one of the other weekend newspapers - ran a little photoessay all about how wonders of inadvertent multiple exposures, done either in-camera or during laboratory processing. With the rapidly declining use of film cameras, the article lamented, such accidents were never going to play a part in our photographic lives again. Well, yes, but there are plenty of other happy accidents to be had, this odd flash picture being one of them. I can't quite work out what happened - I think my flash wasn't charged and then decided, during an awfully long exposure, that it was charged after all and fired, a bit like slow-sync flash but completely unpremeditated...


Blogger Debbie said...

Just came upon your blog, and enjoyed it very much. I know it's late to be commenting on this post, but I have had similar experiences with these 'happy accidents' with digital cameras. Mine tend to be blurs, entirely unpremeditated. Sometimes they emphasize the motion of a scene even more, sometimes the picture becomes a fascinating abstraction, not even identifiable, but...interesting.

7:36 PM  

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