Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A purry little sleeve monster called Fran

Fran is now safely installed in my room, with her own litter tray (being used), her own food bowl (being eaten), and her own water bowl. She's taken to nesting behind some old shoe boxes rather than her new cat basket but I guess old habits die hard and it's a bit more like the bottom of the garden down there. That, or she likes the warm water pipes that run below them :-)

She's still a little skittish at the moment but doesn't claw or scratch when picked up and handled and, after just a few seconds, decides she likes it after all. Today, she fell crawled into a cardigan sleeve and fell asleep there, while D* and I got on with our proofreading. And then she woke up, looking a little startled but not in the least distressed by my huge Olympus E-1 camera pointing straight at her little face. She was most obliging once we told her that the images were used for this blog - she even stayed very, very still for the two-second, handheld exposure at 54mm (108m equiv.) it took to capture this little picture!

Thank you, Fran, you're a lovely, lovely little kitten.



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