Sunday, November 20, 2005

Photo Storage Device

Despite kittens, it's been a bit of a geeky week, here at Chez Puplet...

First, I ordered a Digital Camera Buddy enclosure from USBTech.

A steep climb on the learning curve that is hard-drive terminology later, I was scouring eBay for a suitable drive (60gb+; 4500rpm but preferably 5400rpm; 2.5" rather than 3.5"; not broken). Eventually found one, secured it for next to nothing using (like all the best eBayers) my very useful Powersnipe account, fitted it, reinitialised it via my laptop's 'Disk Utility' application, and, hey presto! a fully functioning USB2-speed PSD which can store 60gb of data and can transfer from CF at a rate of 300mb/min!

Why, then, the rubber bands? Well, it seems that despite all my careful planning I got the wrong drive after all. Mine is 12mm high rather than 9.5mm so the back cover can't screw down properly. Personally, though, I think the rubber bands make it look more edgy and different from its considerably more expensive cousin, the Epson P4000. I'm thinking of adding yellow go-faster stripes to it, what do you reckon?


Blogger Glaciermeow said...

LOL! I think the stripes would make it look very cool! ;)

3:24 PM  

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